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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Crooked Cat Sale is still on!

Just over 36 hours to the end of the latest Crooked Cat e-book sale.

Yes, for the absolutely criminal charge of .77p (GBP) and other foreign currency equivalents, you can download many great novels and story collections from Crooked Cat. Just go to Amazon and type in ‘Crooked Cat Publishing’ and you’ll be offered an impressive list of books – and I’m sure that many of them are bound to appeal.

My apologies if you're a regular reader of my blog, as you'll know this already. Anyway, here are mine:

7 reviews on Amazon UK here
3 reviews on Amazon COM here  
A sample review

Visitors to Tenerife will recognise the beauty of the island in Nik Morton's evocative descriptions of what the island has to offer to the tourist, but few, if any, will recognise the darker side so vividly portrayed in this novel. No doubt the fiction is inspired by Morton's ability as a thriller writer, and not something that he has uncovered by stealth. It is a fact that immigrants head for the Canary Islands from Africa, but here Morton has added spice to the tragedies that often unfold through people trafficking. … Morton takes the story along at a fine pace, and readers of his past novels will not be disappointed in his narrative, his characterisation and careful plotting.


2 reviews on Amazon UK here
6 reviews on Amazon COM here

More than one reviewer who states that they don’t read short stories has raved about this collection of cases about Leon Cazador, half-English, half-Spanish private eye, ‘in his own words’.

A sample review: ‘Twenty-two individual stories … are absolute little gems. The pace of each is perfectly judged to reach its conclusion at just the right time and in just the right way… Not only will they appeal to general lovers of short stories but in particular those with experience of living in Spain will I’m sure feel a certain resonance with these stories.’


2 reviews on Amazon UK here
Available from Amazon COM here
1 review from Amazon Canada here

A sample review

… the moral question is posed about the rights or wrongs of taking the law into your own hands, and how addictive it can be. How many of us have been sickened by a crime only to be disgusted at the leniency of the law? Oh how we would want to dish out our own form of punishment. But where do you stop? And how long before you go over the line and commit murder in the name of justice? This is a thought-provoking story. I found myself being drawn into it gradually, just like the avenger is drawn into the compulsion to continue exacting revenge. Nik Morton's story will demand that you stay with it and discover how far the vigilante will go.

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