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Wednesday 27 June 2018

'Going to rival Eddings and Feist...'

Two Amazon (UK) reviews for the latest book in the Floreskand series: 3 - Madurava

1) This is the third in the series. Love how the characters are developing. The storyline is becoming more intriguing and you get a sense of being very much a part of the adventure. The complexity of every aspect of this land, from the calendar to the religions, shows the authors' dedication to ensuring that the tale is unique and fresh.

2) The third book in the series and the best so far. The saga continues to grow following the aftermath of the civil war. Old favourites reappear on a new adventure with all groups heading in the same direction hinting at a grand climax that doesn't disappoint. As always with these stories there is an unexpected twist ... The book ends hinting at an even more epic adventure to come in book 4 Prophecy. If this series continues to develop in the way it has so far I think it is going to rival Eddings and Feist.

Many thanks to both reviewers!