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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

TYPHOON FURY - Book review

TYPHOON FURY is one of Clive Cussler’s novels from The Oregon Files co-written by Boyd Morrison (2017).

It begins in the second battle of Corregidor, 1945. Japanese soldiers are making a last stand in a cave system. Incredibly, they seem invulnerable. Only massive explosive retaliation destroys them.

Beth Anders travelled around the world tracking down stolen artwork. In Thailand she encounters Salvadore Locsin who uses such paintings to finance his planned insurgency. It soon becomes evident that Locsin is special; if he is wounded, he wound rapidly heals; and he possesses remarkable strength. The drug that is responsible is rare: Typhoon Fury. And the withdrawal symptoms are deadly.

Juan Cabrillo and his crew are assisting Beth and soon get sucked into a suspenseful adventures in Manila, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Guam. The tension never lets up.

These adventures are a team effort for all the characters, and they certainly have plenty to do, and plenty of scrapes to get out of!

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