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Monday, 21 December 2015

Blog guest - Elf yourself!

Welcome, Ailsa. I believe you have a special offer going on over the festive season?

Yes, I have, Nik. And it’s for two days only!

If I didn’t know better, I’d say to any readers, Yule love this idea!

Very punny, Nik. As you know, we’re about to celebrate the Winter Solstice or Yule so for my gift to your readers I would like to present - for the two days of 22nd and 23rd December only - both books in the ‘Alchemy’ series at 99p or cents each for an e-book.

Sounds like a bargain, Ailsa.

It is, Nik. Now, come on, please, folks, for less than a cup of coffee, you get to delve into a strange future! And it lasts a lot longer and is even better at keeping you awake!

You’ve sold it to me, Ailsa. I urge anyone who is intrigued by the storylines to click on the link below to see these e-books on Amazon in your country.

And, I notice that there an enviable number of five star reviews. Well done, Ailsa!

Thanks, Nik. And the third book in the series is on the way!

This might be a good time to get into the story now and grab the e-books while they're at this very attractive price!

So, Ailsa, what do you get for the price of a coffee?

Book 1: ALCHEMY  

A world without war? Professor Sawhele Fielding stumbles across an invention that would change the world; something so monumental, it could spell the end of environmental disaster and conflict. With the help of her father, a shadowy figure in the world of international banking, she begins to set into motion the biggest upheaval the planet has seen.

But in a changed world, dark forces are threatening the fragile peace. Where modern technology is proving useless, old magic from a bygone era might just save the day. Adrian Oliver, expert in ancient religions is skeptical until faced with incontrovertible proof that ancient evil is abroad once again. How could a Utopian dream of free fuel and peaceful co-existence turn into a nightmare?

Iamo, a priest of the Mother Goddess and Riga, a Black Shaman assassin captain, are thrown together - reluctantly at first - to face a threat that nobody could have imagined before "The Changes".

Alchemy is the prequel to Shaman's Drum which features the adventures of Iamo and Riga through their world in the near future, where the established religions of our own days have been banned.


England in the near future. Mainstream religions have been outlawed, and the old gods rule again. Iamo has been a priest of the Great Mother and is sworn to celibacy, but his love for Riga, a Black Shaman, a magical assassin, caused him to break his vows. After being imprisoned apart from each other for three years, Iamo accepts an offer to earn them both a pardon and the possibility of marriage. If they survive.

Iamo and Riga must discover why demons are breaking through from the other side. Which of the cults are renegades who allow the demons through? Who can they trust? Combining their powers, they face the ordeal with the help of a band of eclectic pagans, spirit creatures, Riga's Black Shaman brothers, an undercover Christian granny, and three unusually energetic Goths. It's a tough assignment, but the hope of a life together keeps them fighting.

Thanks, Ailsa! And good luck with these fantastic books.

And thank you for letting me visit, Nik!

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Cameron said...

Thanks so much, Nik - Sis is dancing around getting her driving licence. I'm her secretary today. You did her a great favour. xx

Ailsa Abraham said...

Thanks so much Nik. What a grand pal you are xxx