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Friday 1 December 2017

'... felt I'd actually been there.'

Amazon 5-star review for Mission: Khyber
'First, the detailed descriptions of Afghanistan; I felt as if I’d actually been there. Also, the fascinating history of the area I found illuminating. I liked the way the author further developed his character, psychic spy Tana Standish. In the first two novels she seemed almost invincible. Here, she is more vulnerable, and therefore more rounded. The one negative aspect for me was that I found the descriptions of the weaponry a bit challenging to follow, having never picked up a gun in my life, and some of the military manoeuvres left me a bit bewildered. But that was part of the book’s authenticity: the attention to precision was admirable, and the general atmosphere reminded me of John le Carré’s work. I highly recommend it: clearly the work of an experienced writer.'

Thank you, Maureen Elizabeth Moss 

Available from Amazon as a paperback or e-book here

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