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Monday 13 March 2017

Writing - 'well written guide'

My non-fiction genre writing guide Write a Western in 30 Days is still picking up 5-star reviews.  The latest is:

'A definitely well written guide to help you through the writing process.' review, dated 7 March 2017. Thank you, Brian L. Smith. 

That was my intention, to help in the writing process. 

There are 17 positive reviews on and 9 on Amazon.UK. (1 month ago, C Mitchell said, 'Thank you Nik for pointers, inspiration and focus. Great read.'

Whether paperback or Kindle, the book has proved to be useful to beginner writers and even old hands who want to try a different genre.

                                                                    Available here

Just released: third volume of my collected short stories, Visitors... 9 stories about the Old West.

Available here 

A fourth volume will be released soon, with a fifth to follow in due course.

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