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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Writing – when to give up

I would imagine that from time to time every author hits metaphorical brick walls, perhaps when sales have not been as promising as hoped.

The ideas might still come along, but the take-up by new readers isn’t happening.

In the old days, this lack of or reduction of an audience meant that a good number of mid-list authors were ‘let go’. Some tried under different pen names, others soldiered on, slogging away at new variations, new styles even, and some might have succeed despite the earlier obstacles.

Now, with the advent of e-readers, and the minimal costs involved, old works can be resuscitated, while the one-time mid-list authors can write to their heart’s content, getting their books out there, even if their readership can be counted in the tens rather than the hundreds or thousands.

There’s an interesting blog from crime author Martin Edwards on this very subject, relating to crime writer Chris West who decided not to write any more crime fiction. I recommend it:


Maybe the favourable reviews of the newly released e-books will encourage him to return to a genre which seems to fit him rather well.

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