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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Spanish Eye is a fabulous read

Despite all the support 'systems' out there, writers can still seem alone. Even those with a few titles to their name. Strange, how stories affect people differently. I'm sure my book Spanish Eye has been read by several readers (not in the hundreds, to be truthful), but they seem reticent to comment; did none of the tales appeal, I begin to wonder. Then my doubts are removed when I see a rare but very welcome review.

Part of a new review of Spanish Eye on reads: "While reading these twenty-one exciting stories I experienced a myriad of emotions. I laughed, cried, and became incensed. I cheered and clapped, but most of all I felt a confirmation of universal values." Thank you, Elizabeth Sullivan, Ph.D.

That's the kind of review that makes a writer's day.  For today, then, those self-doubts can go hang.


Jo Walpole said...

That's great, Nick. I must get round to reading them soon.

Nik Morton said...

Thanks, Jo. Now if I could get Antonio Banderas interested in the TV series...

Anonymous said...

Oh, that would be fabulous! Exciting just to think of something like that!
LeeAnne Borka
aka Charliann Roberts

LeeAnne Borka aka Charliann Roberts said...

That sounds nice - a TV series - a dream come true! :)