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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Writing works in progress

BLIND JUSTICE - my fourth western novel. Only just begun, partially plotted.

THE DRAGON TREE - a full-length romantic thriller set in Tenerife - halfway through. Fully plotted.

SNEEZE ON A THURSDAY - a full length novel aimed at Hard Case Crime. The first in a private eye series set in Charleston, South Carolina featuring Pete Axiom and his secretary Verity Honradez. Started, still plotting.

THE KHYBER CHRONICLE - third full-length thriller in the psychic spy Tana Standish series for Libros International. Sequel to the forthcoming THE TEHRAN TRANSMISSION. Plotted and begun.

SILENCED IN DARKNESS - the second full-length crime thriller about Sister Rose for Libros International. Still in the plotting stage.

Hunter Hunted - 21st short story in the series about Leon Cazador, the half-English, half-Spanish private eye on the Costas.

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