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Thursday, 15 January 2009

First Sister Rose crime thriller


Nik Morton

Before taking her vows, Sister Rose was Maggie Weaver, a Newcastle policewoman who suffered severe trauma while uncovering a serial killer. Nursed back to health by nuns, she joins their Order. In her new calling she finds herself sent to London to run a hostel for the homeless. Here, while doing good works, she combats prejudice and crime.

As Sister Rose attempts to save a homeless woman from a local gang boss, events crystallize, taking her back to Newcastle, the scene of her nightmares, to play out the final confrontation against drug traffickers, murderers and old enemies in the police. She finds her spiritual self and a new identity. She is healed through faith and forgiveness. This is also about her surviving trauma and grief, a triumph of the human spirit, of good over evil.

A Libros International paperback.

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