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Thursday 25 May 2023

ROGUE PREY - 99c/99p e-book promotion - 25 May


A pounding noise filled Leon’s head: the builders with their pneumatic drill were quite familiar, even if it was quite a while since they last took up residence. It wasn’t the first time he’d been knocked out. The bad part was recovering consciousness. It was worse than any hangover. ‘So far, you don’t appear to have suffered deleterious brain damage,’ one doctor had told him. ‘But if you keep going on like this, it’s only a matter of time. You really should change your career.’ Right now, he was inclined to agree.

Pb £9.99, e-bk £0.99:

Pb $11.99, e-bk $0.99c:


Each hunter has the same equipment—a sniper rifle, five bullets and a machete.

An even killing field.
A corrupt organization in Spain is selling the ultimate thrill. They cater to rich amateur game-hunters who hunger for the privilege of stalking and killing human prey. Their targets are non-persons. In effect, the vile process gets rid of illegal immigrants. Enter Leon Cazador—a half-English, half-Spanish private investigator who occasionally assists the authorities. Eager to take down this immoral organization, he’s tasked with going full cloak-and-dagger. But when his cover is blown and he’s forced to join nine other captives, will he become the hunters’ ultimate prey?

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