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Saturday 12 October 2019

Absent without leave

My apologies for the long absence but we sold our villa in Spain and moved back to UK... It has been a hectic readjustment time, exacerbated by the fact that our daughter Hannah and family (Harry and grandchildren Darius and Suri) found their Spanish property flooded on Friday 13 September, not more than a week after we arrived in UK. Their house was inundated with the waterline neck high; they have virtually lost everything - clothes, many keepsakes, possessions, toys, bicycles... the list is huge. The river Segura burst its banks, but they escaped in time and have received generous help from friends and even strangers, though still await any financial aid from insurance or government (since the flooding was made worse by the intervention of Spanish authorities opening the floodgates of a dam), and are in limbo at present, unable to move on.

More, later...

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