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Tuesday 3 October 2017

'Great example of a short story...'

F.R. Jameson is reviewing in Goodreads story-by-story my first collection of short stories, Gifts from a Dead Race. There are 18 previously published science fiction/horror/ghost/fantasy tales ranging from 1972 to 2010.

This is what he says about the fourth story in the collection (which was previously published in 1985):

On A Shout
One of those great examples of a short story I just wish was longer. There's so much crammed in there, so much beautifully evoked, that even though it has a perfect economy of scale as a short story, I'd have happily read the same material novel length. I don't want to give much away, but essentially it's survivor guilt in a nuclear war and it's brilliant!

Thank you very much, F.R.!

Gifts from a Dead Race
Paperback and e-book from Amazon.

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