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Friday 26 December 2014

FFB - City

This is one of the sci-fi classics, required reading for anyone with a love of science fiction and worlds of wonder. Published in 1952, it was subsequently re-published a number of times.

It may be ostensibly about a world now populated by dogs and robots, but, as Simak says in his 1976 Foreword, he could not see such an ideal world peopled by humans, for when he wrote these interconnected tales (1946 on) he was disillusioned; and though mellower in 1976 he still stood by that harsh stance.

Read as either an indictment or as fantasy/SF, these nine stories are memorable and moving. If it’s a long time since they cast their magic, then reacquaint yourself, the magic’s still there. If you haven’t entered City yet, then enjoy the visit.

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