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Monday 8 March 2010

Write and write some more

Interesting agent’s blog.
which is currently featuring an excellent short interview of Ray Bradbury about his writing schedule. He is an inspiration to all writers - if they half a wit to notice.

Write, write and write some more is the way to go. I should know, I've been doing that for 40 years or more!

His books are on my shelf and I can still remember so many of his tales, which is he measure of the man and the writer.

As Stephen Vincent Benet said, 'A short story is something that can be read in an hour and remembered for a lifetime.' That's Ray Bradbury.


Richard Prosch said...

Great post. I owe my love of writing and reading too to Bradbury, whose MARTIAN CHRONICLES I bought at a school book fair --spending all the money I had at the time on that one book!

Nik Morton said...

Yes, Richard, and it's still one of my favourites. My treasured copy has the title 'The Silver Locusts'.

Golfguy said...

I am a writer of westerns but read just about anything. I loved the Martian Chronicles as a kid. Just ran across your blog—I will be back.

Neil A. Waring said...

Sorry my golfguy is not up and running yet.

Caroline Dunford said...

Hi Nik,
Remember me?
Caroline Dunford

You can find me at and as Caroline Dunford on facebook

Nik Morton said...

Golfguy. Thanks; hope to see you here again.
Caroline. Of course I remember! You're mentioned on my web page. I've also bought two of your books. Do pop in again. Nik