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Monday, 26 January 2015

Writing – markets - Three into one will go

Triptych Tales requires crime and mystery submissions, as well as sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

As the editors say in their website, ‘A traditional triptych is a work of art spread over three panels. It usually tells a story, or at least illustrates one. When we were discussing the kind of magazine we wanted to produce, we found we kept speaking of things in groups of three. Hence Triptych Tales.’
My artwork, not theirs, so don't blame them!

Go to their website and you’ll see the Home-page features the beginnings of three separate short stories. Read on and continue with any.

They publish three kinds of stories: science fiction, fantasy, and non-genre. ‘We are looking for stories that take place in our world, our world with a twist, or our world as it could be in the very near future. There will always be three stories on our site which you can read for free and without strings attached - no cookies, no log in, no charge.

‘It's difficult to categorize the kinds of stories we're publishing but it's quite easy to say what we don't want--not that we have anything against that type of story, but we feel they're well represented elsewhere. Even then, if a writer can cast new light on our world or how we perceive it in a zombie story or a cosy mystery, we encourage them to send it to us. The worst that can happen is a “Thanks but no thanks” response. And with these three paragraphs, we hope it's enough about us to get you reading Triptych Tales.’

Yes, I like that concept of ‘three’.


$100 US per original story, regardless of length, for first world print and electronic rights.

$50 US for reprints, but only if the story has not appeared on the web.

They intend to publish a twelve-story anthology at the end of each year, therefore they keep these rights until the anthology is published. After that, all rights revert back to you with the proviso that, should you publish the story elsewhere, you credit Triptych Tales, which is fair enough.


Professionally presented stories with proper spelling, grammar and formatting.
They accept stories in .odt, .rtf and .doc or .docx.

E-mail messages containing links to file sharing sites will be deleted unread.

Also required:  a brief biography (50 or so words) and a list of previous publications.

No simultaneous or multiple submissions.

Send your story as an attachment to with your story title in the subject line of the email.

You should hear back from them within two months.

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