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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas with the Crooked Cats - visiting time

Over the Christmas period – end of November until the beginning of January, some of Crooked Cat Publishing’s authors have offered poems, short stories and articles to read. Humorous, sad, thought-provoking, whimsical; give them a try… Here’s a breakdown of the pieces that can be located at

If you enjoy a particular author’s offering, you might like to refer to their books which are available here

29 November: Ailsa Abraham: Short story - Christmas holly

30 November: Sue Barnard: Article - Santa's Magic

1 December: Miriam Drori: Short story - Who's Santa?

2 December: Lizzie Koch: Short Story – A Christmas wish

3 December: David W Robinson: Humorous Short: Flatcap Goes Xmas Shopping

4 December: Miriam Drori: Article - Chanuka Meanderings

5 December: Vanessa Couchman: Short story - Bertie's Buttons 

6 December: Cathie Dunn: Article - about St Nicolas Day customs

7 December: Sue Barnard: Short story - I Am with you in Spirit

8 December: Vanessa Knipe: Picture Cartoon - A Christmas Carol

9 December: KB Walker: Poem - String is King

10 December: Nik Morton: Short story - Inn Time from Spanish Eye

11 December: Vanessa Couchman: Article - A Corsican Christmas in Times Past

12 December: Nancy Jardine: Short story - An Xmas Surprise

13 December: Sue Barnard: Article - St Lucy's Day customs in Sweden, plus recipe

14 December: Jane Bwye: Travel article – The Scarlet Thread
15 December: Vanessa Knipe: Short Story - The Christmas Commercial

16 December: Tim Taylor:  Short story – The Night Before Christmas
17 December: Vanessa Couchman: Short Story - Leroy's Christmas
18 December: Carol Anne Hunter: Poem: A Christmas Robbin'
20 December: Cathie Dunn: Article - Birthday or Christmas?
21 December: Kathy Sharp: Short story – A Dorset Solstice tale
22 December: Maggie Secara: Novel extract – Christmas at Hollytree House
23 December: Sue Barnard: Article - The Piece Of Cod Which Passeth All Understanding
24 December: June Gundlack: Humorous short story - Santa's Wrong Trousers
25 December: David W Robinson: Humorous short story - Christmas Morning aboard the Chuckling Pig

26 December: Vanessa Knipe: Short story - Snow Globe
27 December: Yvonne Marjot: Short story – Final part of Making the best of things
28 December: Carol Maginn: Short story - Orange
30 December: Nik Morton: Short story - The End is Nigh
31 December: Jeff Gardiner: Poem – Song of the Agnostic Innkeeper
1 January: Sue Barnard: Humorous poem - New Year Resolutions
2 January: Shani Struthers: Novel extract - Eve
4 January: Miriam Drori: Humorous poem - Three Years a Year

Besides the above, there are other interesting and intriguing snippets. Please visit.

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