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Monday, 26 January 2015

Writing - Publisher opens its doors wider


Wings of the Overlord (Book One of the Chronicles of Floreskand) was published by Knox Robinson in 2014.It is a fantasy quest novel.  Its sequel To Be King is a work in progress. The book is co-authored by me and Gordon Faulkner under the penname Morton Faulkner. At present in hardback, it will eventually appear in paperback and e-book formats. (Currently six 5-star reviews on Amazon UK - here).

My books are published by three publishers.

Fantasy - Knox Robinson
Westerns - Robert Hale
Crime/thrillers - Crooked Cat

As long as they'll have me, I'm very happy to stick with all three publishers for these genres.


Writers still seeking a publisher might be interested to note a recent announcement from Knox Robinson, which can be found on their website also (along with Wings of the Overlord et al, of course):

January 12, 2015 (London & New York) – Established in 2010 as an international, specialist publisher of historical fiction, historical romance and fantasy, Knox Robinson Publishing has now opened its doors to publishing literature of all genres.

According to Managing Director, Dana Celeste Robinson, this move is a plausible change in direction for the publishing house. “In truth, when I started the house, I wanted only to publish works based in past eras, these were the works with which I was most familiar and the works I preferred to publish,” she says. “But critical reviews of our novels have proven that we have long since outgrown the designation ‘specialist publisher’. It is a logical step forward for the house to welcome all fiction.”

Indeed, much has changed in the four years since the establishment of Knox Robinson. Many of the novels that bear the imprimatur of Knox Robinson Publishing have received critical acclaim and praise for the literary nature of the writing.

“We have found that our authors are writing of a standard that would be classified as literary fiction. It no longer makes sense for us to limit the house to publishing only works of three genres. In fact, with the upcoming launch of our new children’s imprint Under The Maple Tree Books and our new young adult speculative fiction imprint Mithras Books, we now have room on our list for works of other genres,” Robinson says.

Knox Robinson has accepted submissions directly from authors since its inception and the house will continue to do so.

“We have already begun to go back through our archives to find and contact talented authors we originally turned away because their work did not fit within the scope of our publishing program at the time,” Robinson says. “This change has been in effect for several months, but we never formally announced. We began late last year to publish all genres of literature and we look forward to receiving submissions from talented new writers of everything from thrillers to mysteries to horror to contemporary romance and everything in between. This is an exciting time for us.”
Interested authors are encouraged to visit the website at for submission instructions.

About Knox Robinson Publishing. Established in London in 2010, Knox Robinson Publishing is an independent, international publisher of fiction. It is the home of the upcoming juvenile and children’s book imprint Under The Maple Tree Books and the young adult speculative fiction imprint Mithras Books.

Knox Robinson and its imprints’ titles are distributed by Marston Book Services in the United Kingdom and Midpoint Trade Books in the United States of America.

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