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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Work in progress progresses!

In the last three days I've written 4,116 words and have essentially completed the book, Catacomb. Now, it's time for the self-edit, catching the word repetitions - words such as 'smiled', 'nodded', 'laughed', 'grinned', for example.

I've done a spell-check.

But of course it will need a final read-through during which I may continue to tweak, and again spell-check, because beware of changes injecting erroneous words or typos.

Then my wife Jennifer will read and criticise it. Hopefully, she won't find too much wrong with it!

And then it has to succeed over the next hurdle, my publisher!

So, you'll appreciate why my blogging here has been slightly skewed.

Smile, nod, laugh...

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