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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Chronicles of Floreskand - Miscellaneous facts – 001

Wings of the Overlord is the first chronicle to be released from the Royal Institute of Records, Lornwater, in Floreskand.
From time to time, assorted facts, acquired over a period of fifty years, will be divulged regarding the mythical Floreskand, its denizens, flora and fauna.
Today, we will briefly look at
The Overlord
As outlined in ‘Song of the Overlord’, Daqsekor is the Overlord, the One, the High God. The ruler of all, nothing and everything.
Daqsekor’s symbol is the pure white sekor. The flower is indeed named after him.
The name Daqsekor is a combination of ‘daq’ (yang) and ‘sek’ (yin) with the suffix ‘or’ meaning ‘lord’.
The five-part ‘Song of the Overlord’ can be found in Wings of the Overlord, introducing each part of the saga.
Type of flower, with octagonal petals; regarded with religious significance, each god being given a different coloured sekor as an emblem.
So begins their great quest that tests the trio to the limit. Exciting obstacles include raging torrents, snakes, feuding warrior hordes, lethal fireballs, terrifying electric storms, treacherous mountains, avalanche, betrayal and torture. The travellers start out barely able to tolerate each other but, gradually, as their problems are overcome, they grow closer. The strength of comradeship is evoked and also selfless sacrifice. Their story is rich in history and threatening events that beset them on their quest.
To date (16 October), it has picked up two good reviews at Amazon UK!
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