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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Boom in e-books – my way forward

Reported in City & Finance, Daily Mail, August 27: The CEO of Bloomsbury, Nigel Newton is looking forward to tapping into the boom in digital books. ‘Newton believes Britain is “one year behind America”, where e-book sales trebled in the first six months of 2010 to £120m. The report ends, ‘With a £33m warchest, Newton is looking for further acquisitions after beefing up its non-fiction wing following a spate of recent takeovers.’ So small-to-medium publishers had better watch out. I’d like to think his acquisitions would be new authors rather than other publishers, but maybe I’m being a bit naive there.

Anyway, I’m embracing the e-book. I’ll still buy and treasure printed books and wherever possible I’d like to see and hold my books in print, but e-books have their advantages too.

In light of the above, I’ve accepted the job offer of editor made by Gary Dobbs, the chief western editor for Solstice Publishing (pictured right in pensive mode).

Gary achieved the impossible by getting his Black Horse Western Tarnished Star to outsell any other Hale westerns and in record time. His Tainted Archive blog is worth visiting regularly too. He has constantly banged the drum for a western revival in books. And he is the driving force in getting the Edge gritty western series by George G Gilman into e-book format (published by Solstice). This western line for Solstice is shaping up into an exciting project and I’m honoured and pleased to be a part of it.


Deka Black said...

Good luck on ypour e-book adventure. I need one E-reader, by the way. Too many E-Books. and i need to read in other place than the PC screen. is not big deal, only comfort.

Nik said...

I agree, the PC is too cumbersome for my PC when I currently read e-books... At least the prices are coming down.

Rob Innis said...

Nik, I agree the e-Book revolution has started, prices for eBooks and eReaders are down and a price war is on in the UK. Good luck with your venture - the future! See here:

Mick Parker said...

I'm venturing into the POD and e-book market with my first novel being re-published in paperback. It should be available as an e-book and p/back on Amazon in about five to six weeks. This means that I shall be keeping a keen eye on the sales figures and developments of thsi burgeoning market.

Michael Parker

kellyabell said...

Congratulations Nik, I think that was an excellent choice by Gary. You two will make the Edge series come to life. Good luck in your new position I wish you all the best.

You are a wonderful author in your own right and I am really looking forward to buying more of your books.

Kelly Abell
Author In Lies Series

Nik said...

Thanks, Rob. Your finger's always on the pulse.
Best of luck, Mick. The cover of your book is great, btw.
Thanks for that endorsement, Kelly, it's much appreciated.

Penny Legg said...

Good luck with this Nik. A brave new world ...

Nik said...

Thanks, Penny. A brief article appears on Solstice Westerns in the November issue of Writers' News.