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Friday, 31 October 2014

FFB – Death is another life becomes Chill of the Shadow

I got fed up waiting for a publisher to grab this book, despite the good reviews, so have self-published it as a paperback and e-book under the title Chill of the Shadow. (amendment: 27/10/2017)

This time last year, I was trying to promote my vampire cross-genre thriller set in modern-day Malta, Death is Another Life.  It has been out-of-print since March this year, so maybe it qualifies as a Friday's forgotten book.  My hope is that, like the creatures of the night, it will rise from the grave of limbo and be born again by another publisher. I would retitle it Another Life and use Nik Morton this time around.

Wikipedia commons

If you’re interested, here are some excerpts:

I have also written the screenplay of the book, and though biased I feel it works very well; here is the opening sequence:

This piece was prompted by events in the news at the time, and is linked to another excerpt.  -  57 pageviews; lists a selection of favourable reviews too.

Happy Hallowe’en, 2014.

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