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Friday, 30 January 2009

Words and more words

Yesterday I wrote 138 words for BLIND JUSTICE and tweaked the first chapter as a result of helpful comments from the Writers' Circle. I also managed 449 words for THE DRAGON TREE. The latter is shaping up well, the characters and events evolving towards a confrontation.
Of course the number of words typed is not always a good gauge of progress. Often, the story is writing itself - with the help of assorted characters - in the back of my head. Contrived and trite happenings are discarded for more believable or logical alternatives as the characters work through their situations. Then a few typed words on the plotline and at some point later when the writing resumes, the flow of words becomes a torrent because it's all there.
Also I have been writing or sorting out material for the Writers' Circle. This can write off a day's creative writing. As Rob humorously observes in an earlier comment, while life may get in the way of creative writing, it's preferable to the alternative! Living life, sharing its trials and tribulations with friends and family may help the writer become a better scribe. Our daughter's car is causing problems - as is their garage - so that little issue takes precedence over writing, as it should. Then we're babysitting Darius three days a week, which will be an experience to be cherished - as the cliche says, they grow up fast.

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