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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Romantic thriller in Tenerife - 1

Yesterday I managed about 2,900 words on THE DRAGON TREE, the tentative title for my romantic thriller set in Tenerife. When I'm following the plot and get engaged with the characters, the words flow. Previous days I've barely written 600 words per day, though often that's because of other distractions, like life. Judging by the wordcount, I think I'm about halfway through.

The characters are defined, described and I have backstories for the major people involved. Yet they still tend to surprise me as the story progresses. I have an ending more or less lined up but I suspect that the characters and the situation they fall into may dictate some startling changes!

We'll see, I guess.

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Rob Innis said...


You are right - life does get in the way. But I suppose that is preferable to the alternative.