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Thursday, 15 January 2009

First western

Ross Morton

It was a great feeling to hold this attractive hardback in my hands. After many years of sending off MSS, I'd finally become a published author. Not self-published - I've been there and done that too many years ago - but a fully paid up author.

Jim Thorp had killed plenty of men. They deserved to die. Thorp was a hard man, made so by a bloody Civil War. But he didn’t relish this visit to Bethesda Falls. His old sweetheart Anna worked there as a school-teacher and he was hunting her brother, Clyde, for armed robbery and other more terrible crimes. He didn’t want to hurt Anna but it looked like he would anyway. Clyde, the foreman of the M-bar-W ranch, is due to wed Ellen, the rancher’s daughter. He’s also poisoning the old man to hasten the inheritance. Thorp’s presence in town starts the downward slide to violence, when not only is Ellen’s life in danger, but also that of Anna and Thorp himself. It is destined to end in violence and death.

A Robert Hale Black Horse Western.

Robert Hale is a good publisher to write for, as they're prompt in their response times.

DEATH AT BETHESDA FALLS is now out of print but a large print version has been issued by Linford.

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