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Thursday, 15 January 2009

First Tana Standish psychic spy thriller


Nik Morton

Czechoslovakia, 1975. Tana is a spy - and she's psychic. Orphaned in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second World War, she was adopted by a British naval officer and his wife. Now she works for the British Secret Intelligence Service. Czechoslovakia's people are still kicking against the Soviet invasion. Tana was called in to restore morale and repair the underground network. But there's a traitor at work.

And she learns about a secret Soviet complex, concealed in a colliery in the Sumava Mountains.

Unknown to her there's a top-secret psychic establishment in Kazakhstan, where Yakunin, one of their gifted psychics, has detected her presence in Prague. As he gets to know her, his loyalties are strained.

With her old flame Laco, Tana infiltrates the Sumava complex. When she's captured, a desperate mission is mounted to either get her out or to silence her - before she breaks under interrogation.

A Libros International paperback.

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