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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Second Tana Standish psychic spy thriller

Nik Morton

Iran, 1978-1979. Tana doesn’t hesitate to kill evil men. Iran is in ferment. The British Secret Intelligence Service want Tana’s assessment because the CIA agents are painting too rosy a picture. Because they’re colluding with the state torturers? Allegiances and loyalties are strained as Tana saves a CIA agent’s life and combats the sinister secret police, SAVAK. Is there any threat to the MI6 listening post near the Afghan border?

And what about Yakunin, the psychic Russian who is tracking Tana? Can he save her without being discovered? Or will he be betrayed by the jealous Raisa? Then there’s Aksakov, an elite Spetsnaz fighter assigned to abduct Tana; her dedication takes Aksakov into the heart of Tana’s secret headquarters in Oxfordshire. Tana makes new friends - and new enemies - as Iran stumbles towards the Islamic Revolution.

A Libros International paperback - to be published 2009.

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