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Sunday, 18 January 2009

New western anthology

Just been asked and agreed to be the editor of the next western anthology from the Black Horse Westerns yahoo group of writers. A paperback imprint was established - EXPRESS WESTERNS and the books are printed through In 2007 the first book - WHERE LEGENDS RIDE - was published and was very well received. The principle editor was Matthew P Mayo, then living in Maine but since moved to Montana. I was co-editor. The publisher was - and is - Ian Parnham. Matthew's wife Jennifer designed the cover using my pony express rider logo. The rights to the painting are owned by David Whitehead who also wrote the introduction.

The group comprises readers and writers of Robert Hale westerns under their imprint Black Horse Westerns.

So I'm looking forward to this project. Contributors will come from far afield - Spain, USA, New Zealand, Japan and a few other places besides!


Ray said...

Hi Nik and good to see you in the world of blogging.
Looking forward to WLR 2 - think the world is ready now.

Nik said...

Thanks, Ray. The hard part is trying to keep all the balls in the air at the same time - writing, editing and blogging, to name a few! Now I've got the hang of commenting I'll be visiting your splendid blog again soon!

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hello Chums,
I enjoy visiting everyone's blogs but the world will have to wait on one from me. I'm too busy (and too lazy!) to do it justice.

Looking forward to working on WLR2 with you, Nik.



Looking forward to sending something for consideration for this project. And yeah welcome to the Blogospheare. There's a great worldwide community and readers and fans here.