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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Writing - number crunching 3


Both Jen and I are slowly recovering from the dread virus, though neither has much voice most of the time. Our daughter Hannah is also on the mend, but it will take longer after pneumonia, but she is up and about, and driving, and coping with Darius and Suri.

The progress with the book.

It is all-but finished; just a final beta read to be done. [A book is never finished, however; it is let go. I haven't reached the 'let-go' point yet, but it is close.]

The word-count continuing from last post is here (for interest):

9 - 732 words
10 - 1148
11 - 1520
12 - 375
13 - 2191
14 - 1797
15 - 1945
16 - 1437
17 - 2288
18 - 2569
19 - 1426 plus map drawing!
20 - 1035
21 - 590
22 - 446
23 - 639
24 - 216
25 - 467
26 - minus 101
27 - 205

Total words since January 1 = 49k.

Although I 'finished' the book on 18 March, I knew there would be additional text to write as I began self-editing. Some of the lower word-counts from March 21 reflect the self-editing time spent. I'm now going through the book to rationalize word-repetition. So far, the repetitions of particular words have not been excessive, considering the final word count! This process may add words, or even remove several (being considered redundant).

Total words for the novel = about 126,000.

Synopsis and blurb written. Just the proposed cover-design to rough out for the publisher, who of course has the final say.

... and then it's on to the next book, which also has a deadline (which has slipped due to the reported illness etc)


Neil Waring said...

Hope you continue to recover, with spring coming it is a nice time to be up and about. I am always interested to see others post word counts, good read, and Happy Easter

Nik Morton said...

Many thanks, Neil. Yes, the sun's shining and a 40-minute walk helped! Sent off the manuscript and now working on the next book... Hope you had a good Easter. Best wishes, Nik