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Friday, 4 March 2016

Writing – number crunching

As I mentioned before, I’m busy on devoting my writing time to finishing a couple of books, so I’ve neglected blog posts.

There are certainly many subjects I’d like to write about, not least the Brexit nonsense and the definition of ‘flee’ in the European immigrant crisis reporting context. But these books demand to be completed.

Annoyingly, both Jen and I – and our daughter Hannah – have been hit simultaneously by the ‘global’ virus. It clobbered us on 27 February and reduced the word-count output somewhat. 

On Wednesday (2 March) we made an appointment to see our doctor for Thursday (3 March) and duly came away with cough mixture and antibiotic treatments. As a result, the word-count yesterday is much better than it has been for four or five days, anyway.

For what it’s worth, here’s a breakdown of word-counts:

24 – 2151
25 – 2196
26 – 1472
27 – 442
28 – 450
29 – 878
1 – 1336
2 – 923
3 – 2439

Despite the illness, that’s a reasonable total of 12,287 words for 9 days. Not as much as I’d planned, naturally (about 4,000 less, I reckon)!

It’s fortunate that I have a plot-plan to work to. There are still plenty of changes/tweaks on the way, but that plan helps me move forward, even when feeling less than fine.

So, my continued apologies for not posting here recently – and for a while hereafter too.

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