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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Writing - number crunching-2

Further to my previous blog, I continued to improve on my daily word-count once the antibiotics kicked in:

4 - 1948
5 - 2156
6 - 2414
7 - 306
8 - 579

For January through to today, I've written about 29,000 words for this particular book. Not as much as I'd planned, due to a variety of circumstances, but the end is near.

Why the sudden drop on 7 March...? Our daughter Hannah, who has the same virus, was rushed to hospital with pneumonia. She is on the mend, being well looked after. Jen and I have our two grandchildren staying with us now, and we take them to nursery/school each morning, and collect them in the afternoons; and feed the two dogs and three cats... Family comes first, it goes without saying. The children have been very good.

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