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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Writing - market - mystery east of the web...

Can you write mystery short stories for a new imprint from East of the Web?

They're seeking mystery short stories, tales of crime; fast paced thrillers. 'We're interested in most types of crime fiction and thrillers - from the detective puzzle to realistic contemporary thrillers,' they say. 'We're looking for strong writing and original, exciting plots.'
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They pay for selected stories starting at $0.05 per word or a mix of an advance and a royalty.
Stories should be at least 7,000 words.
Stories will be published under a new electronic imprint from East of the Web, ‘one of the world's leading publishers of short stories.

‘We encourage the submission of previously published as well as new stories,’ they say. ‘If you're looking for a way to make some money from your back catalogue or to get those stories in front of new readers, we would like to hear from you.

‘By focusing on quality, has become one of the top destinations on the web for short stories, with over half a million unique visitors a month. Our mobile app 'Short Stories eReader' has been installed on over 100,000 mobile devices. With over a decade of experience in electronic publishing, we have the reach and the reputation to be the perfect partner for your short stories.’

They’re also looking for sci-fi, horror, and romance short stories. Check out their website.

Their submission process involves first contacting them about your story via their online form; you will then hear back from them within two weeks, letting you know whether to submit your proposed story.
This could also expose your name to a bigger audience than hitherto...



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