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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Book choice for you

A website devoted to books. Hmm, worth a look.

And I see two of mine are there, as well! [Catalyst and The Prague Papers]

This website is a showcase of books in a variety of genres. As the site blurb says, ‘feel free to browse the titles on the various pages of this site, and if there is something that appeals click on the book cover and you will be taken directly to the Amazon listing.  There you will find a description of the book, a summary of the story, and pricing details. Then - if you wish - buy a copy.’

Genre tabs include children’s and YA, crime and mystery, e-books of many genres, and historical and non-fiction.

Have a browse.

I can recommend:

Due Date by Nancy Wood (113 reviews!)

Due Process by Nancy Finch (2 reviews)

Treading on Dreams by Jeff Gardiner (4 reviews)

Still Rock Water by Francine Stanley (13 reviews)

Hooked by Jim Baugh (14 reviews)


Francene Stanley said...

Thank you for mentioning my books, Still Rock Water and Tidal Surge. I'm glad you found them noteworthy.

Nik Morton said...

My pleasure, Francene. I hope you have many satisfied readers! :)