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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

'I very much felt a part of their lives.'

It's good to get favourable book reviews. They make an author's day. The bad ones - well, they happen too... The reviews don't have to be effusive, glowing or filled with adjectives.

We'd like to think the reader enjoyed the story, lived with the characters, maybe even empathised with some of them, and felt compelled to comment. Every comment is appreciated.

Today, the first in my Tana Standish e-book series received a review on Amazon UK; a confirmed purchase.

So, thank you, 'Book Buddy' for your 5-star review of THE PRAGUE PAPERS:

'Thoroughly enjoyed this. The very opening chapter is a promise of intrigue and suspense. I wasn't disappointed. Good fast pace. Characters that are so vividly and craftfully developed that I very much felt a part of their lives. I am now in the second of the series for another rollercoaster ride. '

Amazon UK here

Amazon COM here

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