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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Writing – market – ‘good stories, well told needed’

Gafencu Men is a fascinating English-language magazine for men based in Hong Kong. They print a short story in every issue. They’re looking for ‘strong, engaging characters, plots (especially with a twist) and interesting settings.’ Asian locations will be of interest, although they’re not obligatory. Thrillers, crime genre or literary fiction; in short, any genre as long as it’s a good story well told.

First serial rights offered, so the story shouldn’t have appeared anywhere before.

Word-count – around 1,800 to 2,000.

Payment – negotiated but around US$260 per story.

Response time – editors only respond if positive; if you haven’t heard from them in 3 months, then it’s a ‘no thanks’ which doesn’t necessarily reflect on the story but maybe its suitability at the time…

See their website – and the magazine – for clues to inspire your story – here:






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