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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

‘The world needs men like Leon’

Spanish Eye, 22 cases from Leon Cazador ‘in his own words’. Half-English, half-Spanish, he’s a private eye who is ‘not afraid to bring the ungodly to justice and so help to hold back the encroaching night of unreason.’

Review excerpts:

You can find seven 5-star reviews of the book on (see the link below):

1) … there is a wide variety of complex cases; some of them take you back to detectives such as The Saint. Beautifully written by someone who obviously knows how to tell a story…

2) … each story is unique in setting and plot, drawing on the author's remarkable breadth of knowledge and extraordinarily full life, spiced by a genuine loathing for evil and wrong-doing. We learn a great deal about the history, culture, lore, and landscape of Spain and meet a diverse cast of characters, as Cazador sees to it that a variety of miscreants, petty and grand, are appropriately done in. … a gifted writer, a modern-day Aesop, only more complex, providing entertaining stories, each with a moral.

3) I found much that was familiar combined with an insight into a very different and darker side of Spanish life. The colourful characters and intriguing twists made these stories a really enjoyable read.

4) These stories are humorous, insightful and sometimes tragic. Leon Cazador is not afraid to bring the bad men to justice, and so help to restore the balance in this world. Beautifully written … with a simple and uncluttered style which draws you in to the heart of the story.

5) … All fun stories, a bit of humour here and there, others deadly serious. One story had me grinning at the beginning, but sobering quickly as the end approached.

6) … I experienced a myriad of emotions. I laughed, cried, and became incensed. I cheered and clapped, but most of all I felt a confirmation of universal values.

7) … His voice is so unique, and his stories are as thought provoking as they are entertaining. There are beautiful moments in the prose that never get purple or fluffy. He masters the art of taking an adventure and condensing it into short shots…

And there are two reviews on Amazon UK (link below):
5-star: Stories to keep you wanting more ... and more. Tales of reminiscence by a sleuth in sunny Spain which ensure you keep your eyes open until you've reached the end of one in time to let your head fall on the pillow - until morning.
Thankyou Nik, for making my nights unbroken and worth waiting for.

4-star: … a collection of 22 individual stories … which are absolute little gems. The pace of each is perfectly judged to reach its conclusion at just the right time and in just the right way. … has also managed in many of them to weave in topical Spanish themes and issues such as immigrants trying to get into Spain from North Africa, drug running, memories of the Civil War and the corruption of Land Grab in Valencia to name but a few… Not only will the tales appeal to general lovers of short stories but in particular those with experience of living in Spain will I’m sure feel a certain resonance with these stories.

My thanks to all the readers who have made the effort to post a review on these sites.

Paperback and e-book can be found on these links:

Spanish Eye - published by Crooked Cat Publishing, UK
Also published by Crooked Cat by Nik Morton
Blood of the Dragon Trees
Sudden Vengeance
The Prague Papers
The Tehran Text

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