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Monday, 12 May 2014


No, that isn't a misspelling in the title!

Recently, there have been a number of selfie photos about. Nothing new in the concept; since a camera was light enough to be held at arms’-length, so-called selfie photos have been taken.

Here is one I took earlier – 1968.
Now, perhaps a variant could go the rounds. [See note below!]

A shelfie – photos of books written by the photographer. Here is my shelfie.

Shelfie of Nik Morton
Death at Bethesda Falls, hardback and large-print - out-of-print
Last Chance Saloon, hardback and large-print - out-of-print
Pain Wears No Mask, paperback out-of-print
The Prague Manuscript, paperback out-of-print
The Tehran Transmission, paperback out-of-print
Death is Another Life, paperback out-of-print
When the Flowers are in Bloom, paperback out-of-print
A Sudden Vengeance Waits, paperback out-of-print

Bullets for a Ballot, e-book (so I use a DVD box with cover here)
The $300 Man, hardback and large-print
Blind Justice at Wedlock, hardback and large-print
Old Guns, hardback and large-print
Assignment Kilimanjaro, paperback
Spanish Eye, paperback
Blood of the Dragon Trees, paperback
Write a Western in 30 Days, paperback
Where Legends Ride, paperback (co-editor)
A Fistful of Legends, paperback (editor)
The Traditional West, anthology
[Other anthologies I’ve neglected to put on this shelf – lack of room!]

Of course a good number of authors will have two or more shelves of their books. James Reasoner, David Whitehead and Robert J. Randisi spring to mind, but there are plenty of others. My wife Jennifer collects Clive Cussler’s books and this is quite a shelf, too, viz:

Cussler books

 Talking about book-shelves, we have them in every room of the house, save the bathrooms.

 Poet’s corner

Our home library


Western reference shelves



[Still to photograph: work area, which contains sci-fi, western, reference, general non-fiction… I'll book another time for that...]

NOTE (27 Aug 2014). Inevitable, really, but the word SHELFIE was already coined before I wrote this. I've just learned there was an article about this in the Guardian in 2013. The term may be earlier than this, too. But here's the link



Marie Lavender said...

I love your home library, Nik! Awesome array of books!

Nik said...

Thanks, Marie. Quite a few shelves still to photograph, as well. I should get out more, really...

Michael Parker said...

I've been to Nik's house. There are so many books that Nik and Jan have to live in a tent in the garden.

Nik said...

Thanks, Mick, Nik said tentatively...