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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Facing the light

Back in February, I wrote about Ron Scheer’s blog, commenting on how I found it inspirational, in that he was recovering from a brain tumour operation and writing about it; see here

His blog is entitled Buddies in the Saddle and it's always an insightful read and today he gives us some excerpts from his journal on the subject of ups and downs of his recovery. Needless to say, he provides us with some prose that shouts out ‘It’s good to be alive!’ And offers a big thank you to his wife...
Anyway, take this, for example:

"Meanwhile, there is relief from the emotional ups and downs in attention paid to other life forms that share this dot of space in the universe. At dawn one morning as I switch off the light by the side garage door, I find moths of various sizes and wing patterns hugging the stucco and worshipfully facing the light bulb that has burned all night. Stalks of yucca blooms nod outside a window in the morning breeze. Flower buds sprout on our big, rambling prickly pear. The acacia tree in the front yard fills out day to day with the seasons’ new willowy leaves, while overhead a cloud drifts in the ocean of air. Late afternoons bring a display of light and dancing shadows on the bedroom walls from the palms in the backyard."

[I’ve used one of Ron’s photos to illustrate his words.]

See the full blog here


Ron Scheer said...

Thanks, Nik, for the thoughtful words.

Nik said...

Honour's all mine, Ron. Wishing you both well.