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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

50 reviews can’t be bad

Happily, they aren’t, either (5-4 stars – 74% of 50; 3 stars – 16%; 2 stars – 10%!).

I thought I’d mark receiving the 50th review on Amazon COM for Bullets for a Ballot with a brief post here, thanking every one of the fifty reviewers who took the time to offer their opinion on the book (published March 2012).

Extracts for this year’s reviews of Bullets for a Ballot are here:

‘This story interested me because of my interest in the old west. I wasn't disappointed as I found several references to actual 1800s facts… Overall it was a great read.’

‘NM has written a western with twists and turns that make some mysteries seem tame. He has lassoed a bucking bronc and the storyline leads you in different directions until the end. This, definitely, is an excellent read for the genre... ER.’

‘Love this series more please…’

And, in response to the latter, I can offer Coffin for Cash (published May 2016).

Bulletsfor a Ballot was #5 in the Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles series.

Other excellent authors have written books in the series also: see here


Charles Gramlich said...

50 is darn good. 22 is the most I've gotten on anything.

Nik Morton said...

Hey, Charles, 22 is very good too. Nearest I've got to that with any other book is 16! (Write a Western in 30 Days).