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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The mind has no limits

All this week Crooked Cat Publishing is offering three thrillers for a bargain e-book price each of 99p/$3.36 or thereabouts. The thrillers are The Carbon Trail, The Prague Papers and Vengeance Wears Black.

Today, we’ll look at The Carbon Trail which is a standalone thriller from the mind and pen of Catriona King, successful author of the Craig crime series set in Belfast (#1 to #9 already published, #10 and #11 imminent!)
Set in New York, The Carbon Trail is a modern scientific thriller that begins most mysteriously. Identity and memory are in jeopardy, it seems. Catriona King has the knack of getting her readers to keep turning the pages.


Espionage. Murder. Love. Jeff Mitchell has a headache and he doesn't know why. But then, he doesn't know much about his life at all. Only one word means something: carbon. 100% of diamonds and 20% of the human body. What does it have to do with the agents tailing him in New York? Or the threats against his life? Who is the exotic brunette who would kill to protect him? And the beautiful blonde in his bed? The Carbon Trail - the mind has no limits.

Amazon review extracts:

This story is a non-stop chase from beginning to end as Mitchell pieces together his past, never knowing for sure who he can trust. He discovers that he's a top-flight scientist, working to develop a revolutionary process that could earn whoever holds the patents billions of dollars. Of course, the potential for such wealth attracts lots of interest...

This is an incredible read that demands to be read in one sitting, if you can. You'll do well to guess each twist that the writer throws at the lead character; they come so quickly and so unexpectedly that you can't help but be entertained. This was the first Catriona King book I read and I was so impressed, I immediately downloaded the first of her Craig Crime Series directly after finishing it.

I found this to be a really clever story, lots of twists and turns and even when things start to come together it is not obvious how things are going to end… This is a big, ballsy thriller that brought to mind the works of Dean Koontz and Michael Crichton.

Catriona King's writing style is clean and clear, her characters are well drawn and their roles are all important to the excellent storyline. She is such a talented writer and, with this new departure, she is proving her worth as a first rate storyteller with many strings to her bow.

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