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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Birthday surprise review!

Posted on Amazon UK on 30 June, my birthday, this is a book review of my novella Bullets for a Ballot (2012); the book was commissioned by Edward A. Grainger (David Cranmer), the creator of the western character Cash Laramie.

‘US Marshal Cash Laramie rides into Bear Pines to help recently bereaved widow Mrs Esther Tolliver run in the local town elections against Mayor Brett Nolan. But Nolan doesn’t have any intention of playing fair in this exciting action packed adventure full of shootouts, double crosses and treachery. Who can Laramie trust in a small town where corruption is rife and bullets are like whispers in the dark?

‘Author Nik Morton skilfully takes the characters created by Edward A Grainger and makes them his own in this gripping western novella.

‘To summarise this is one of the very best Cash Laramie adventures, featuring the welcome reappearance of fellow Marshal Gideon Miles and essential reading for any fans of the series.’

Thank you, Warren Stanley of Bradford, England – who has 180 reviews on Amazon.

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