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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Writealot blog stats-1

Chart - Wikipedia commons

Although I started this blog on January 15, 2009, I really didn't write posts regularly until last year, when I ceased being the commissioning editor of Solstice Publishing in the US. That severance freed up time for me to concentrate on my own projects, and in particular allowed time to put more than my toe into the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging.

I may have been writing commercial fiction and articles for over 40 years, but with regard to the social media I'm still a novice compared to many. 

Whatever the subject, I try to make the blog posts interesting, and not only shouts of 'buy my book, buy my book'. Some seem to succeed, others don't. When I post about reviews of my books, I'm sharing my pleasure rather than bragging. (Naturally, I don't tend to share the poor reviews, which we all get!)

The blog statistics are quite fascinating, I must admit, and they may prove of interest, so here are a few.

In just over 5 years I've written 534 posts, and there are 761 comments (including my responses). [Now, I tend to post daily, whereas before it was much less frequent; if I'd posted daily from the outset, then my posts would be 1,500 or so... ]

Currently, the average monthly page-views are about 3,500; (new readers are welcome every day!) 

Since that tentative beginning in 2009, 69,228 page views have been registered.

From day to day the 'audience' or readers will vary, but today, for example, here are the countries where readers of my blog reside, in order of volume/numbers:


So, thanks to all those individuals in the above countries (and others doubtless not listed in today's snapshot!) for taking time out to read my blog. I hope I can continue to provide material of interest in the weeks and months ahead.



Michael Parker said...

Nik, I can only admire your statistics and can imagine the hard work that's gone into achieving your success. I blog all over the place but haven't achieved anything like your figures. perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book and get cracking! Time for Jan to start?

Nik said...

Thanks, Mick. Before you start, perhaps build up a backlog of articles, items that you can run, and even after beginning, keeping some back to insert when time is lacking or ideas don't flow? If I'm away, I try to schedule blogs for the duration of absence too. Whether the hard work translates into book sales is a moot point, but hopefully page viewers come back to read more posts!

Ron Scheer said...

I've had a similar experience with blogging. It takes a while to find a niche and "position" yourself accordingly so you don't wander too far afield. You can use your blog to remind readers of your books and that you are a writer. But the personality you project is important, and there's a delicate balance between me-me-me and offering something that's "added value" for your followers.

You also realize what a commitment blogging is when you see the number of bloggers who start out with good intentions and then fade away.

Nik said...

You've hit upon it, Ron. Whether I've found that niche is a moot point, but I keep trying. (Ironically, after posting this, I ended up being blocked by FB because I mis-read their security check capcha code, as you're already aware... As you say, antisocial media, sometimes. FB - Faceless B*******? Thanks for the continued support. Good to hear from you!