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Monday, 4 August 2014

Books – Crystal balls at the ready!

By 2018, a new consumer report predicts that e-books will be Britain’s favourite reading format. They’ll overtake the sale of paperbacks and hardbacks, according to PwC.

So, in the next four years the consumer e-book market is predicted to triple from £380m to more than £1bn.

Astonishingly, half the population of the UK is expected to own a tablet device of some kind by 2018. In that same period, sales of printed books are estimated to fall by a third, to £912m.

Yet it’s still positive for print book writers and buyers. Before 2013, the UK book market was in decline, but now it is predicted to be worth £1.9bn in 2018, which is a healthy balance sheet by all accounts...

Perhaps we should be looking to the east as China is predicted to become the world’s second largest book market in 2017, overtaking Japan and Germany, with the US the world’s number one book market with predicted revenue of $37bn.

[My apologies for the repetition of the word ‘predicted’ – who’d have foreseen that?]


Information gleaned from Writers’ News, August 2014 –


Richard Sutton said...

:D Too bad the gatekeepers were so busy gatekeeping instead of learning from readers. Thanks for the favorable prognostications, Nik!

Nik said...

Thanks, Richard. So true!