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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Writing market – Crossed Genres

Crossed Genres Magazine features themed issues, so now is the time to get your thinking head on and give them a try.

Stories from 1,000 to 6,000 words.

Submissions must be original SF/fantasy and involve the theme of the month in some way.  The editors would like to see more submissions from and set outside of North America.

Do not send submissions to upcoming themes, they will be rejected without consideration! Only current themes (as below).

They will be reading for the following themed issues.

Destruction (Submissions: August 1-31. Publication: December 2014)
Destruction isn’t just the apocalypse. It’s not only falling buildings and fractured ground. And destruction isn’t always an ending. Sometimes, it’s very personal. Sometimes it’s shared. Sometimes it’s an inevitable change. Destruction is really about transformation – it’s far more complicated than good or bad.

Indoctrinate (Submissions: September 1-30. Publication: January 2015)
Indoctrination tends to occur where there is an imbalance of power. Typically, it presses a value or idea on the disenfranchised and reinforces the already privileged. And when it works as intended, indoctrination doesn’t just push a certain idea – it actively stifles, marginalizes or eliminates conflicting ideas. And yet, actively pushing a doctrine can be used to advance pro-social ideas; literacy, basic human rights, equality. As with most human creations, it all depends on whose hand wields the tool.

Betrayal (Submissions: October 1-31. Publication: February 2015)
There is a tug of war between intention, and perception. One person’s principled decision is another person’s treason. Sometimes the betrayers are remorseful… sometimes they’re unaware anything is wrong. And sometimes those who feel betrayed are too self-interested to realize they’re part of the problem.

Ensemble (Submissions: November 1-30. Publication: March 2015)
The group is greater than the sum of its parts. What can many do that any number of individuals can’t?
And, upcoming later,
Silent Communication (Submissions: December 1-31. Publication: April 2015)
Failure (Submissions: January 1-31. Publication: May 2015)
Success (Submissions: February 1-28. Publication: June 2015)
You can submit up to two stories per month on the current theme, but no simultaneous or reprints.
Payment is 6c per word for first world print and e-book rights, plus non-exclusive anthology and electronic archival rights.
Attach your story in doc, docx or rtf format on the submission form.
See the full submission details here:

And good luck!

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