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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

'A modern-day Aesop, only more complex...'

I've just read a new review for Spanish Eye that has appeared on and Goodreads. I am truly moved by the reviewer, Charles Ameringer's comments:
Spanish Eye is a marvelous collection of short stories linked by a common protagonist, the private investigator Leon Cazador. Yet, each story is unique in setting and plot, drawing on the author's remarkable breadth of knowledge and extraordinarily full life, spiced by a genuine loathing for evil and wrong-doing. We learn a great deal about the history, culture, lore, and landscape of Spain and meet a diverse cast of characters, as Cazador sees to it that a variety of miscreants, petty and grand, are appropriately done in. Mr. Morton is a gifted writer, a modern-day Aesop, only more complex, providing entertaining stories, each with a moral. You have no idea of the treat that is in store for you.
Published by Crooked Cat
Spanish Eye (US e-book)
Charles Ameringer was my blog guest in October last year and that can be read here. However, this review came as a complete surprise and was not solicited.
Charles is professor emeritus of Latin American history at Penn State University and a former captain in the USAF Reserve. Before beginning his teaching career, he served as an intelligence analyst in the U.S. Department of Defense. He is the author of a number or respected non-fiction works and his debut novel The Old Spook, which deserves a wide readership. It has seven good reviews on Goodreads and on

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