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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Noir mix - Crime fiction and tattoos

Noir Nation 4 - International Crime Fiction is now out in Kindle; paperback due to follow.

Noir Nation is the only crime fiction journal in the world that combines international crime fiction and tattoos. It's content is often dark, hard-boiled, sometimes creepy, but because it embraces crime fiction in all its forms, readers can also find the occasional humorous story or cozy mystery.

Noir Nation No. 4 -- The Canada Issue -- has over 20 entries from some of the very best literary crime fiction writers in the international scene, among them Lauren Cahn, Marina Perezagua, Richard Godwin, Jonathan Sturak, Melodie Campbell, Bianca Bellova, Joseph Lepis, Neliza Drew, Rob Brunet, Nik Morton, Chloe Evans, Bruce H. Markuson, Jeffery Hess, Tony Haynes, Mike O’Reilly, Gerald Seagren, Edward McDermott, Ryan Priest, Peter Anderson, Al Cerda, Joseph Trigoboff, and Mary Agnes Fleming. (Official blurb)

This issue is dedicated to Kofi Awoonor (1935-2013), Ghanaian poet, who was murdered by terrorists in the attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, September 2013. Men with guns may end lives, but they can't silence the words that live after the victims.

My story 'Sleep Well, My Darling' has gained the subtitle 'Buying a bed can land you in deep water' which appeals to me, I must admit, considering the noir subject...

The story begins:

Graham Turner first suspected his brother John’s death wasn’t accidental when he attended the funeral.

Each article, short story or poem is interspersed with colourful tattoo art.

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