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Friday, 14 February 2014

Eye, eye, is that a sale I see before me?

The Crooked Cat Publishing e-book sale is still on. Their books cover an intriguing and wide range – crime, fantasy, romance, thriller, YA and historical, to name a few genres – and they’re selling at very tempting prices. Some of their authors are already prize winners, others are being listed in upcoming awards, and many are garnering very favourable reviews. Perhaps now would be a good time to try a few of their titles, at little cost…
Simply search on Amazon for 'Crooked Cat Publishing'
and be amazed at the rich choice!

Here are sample reviews found on for my book Spanish Eye  

E. B. Sullivan (California)
Spanish Eye is a fabulous read. In his crisp depiction of Leon Cazador, Nik Morton paints a portrait of everyone's hero. This cross-cultural character is dashing, daring, and delightful. He does whatever it takes to make good triumph over evil. While reading these twenty-one exciting stories I experienced a myriad of emotions. I laughed, cried, and became incensed. I cheered and clapped, but most of all I felt a confirmation of universal values.

D. Thorne (Bartlett, TN United States)
… His voice is so unique, and his stories are as thought provoking as they are entertaining. There are beautiful moments in the prose that never get purple or fluffy. He masters the art of taking an adventure and condensing it into short shots. If you enjoy short stories, you'll love this collection featuring the same character and exotic settings. I am a total Morton fan now and waiting anxiously for his next release!

Kay Lesley Reeves (Spain)
As an ex-pat living on the Costa Blanca, I found much that was familiar combined with an insight into a very different and darker side of Spanish life. The colourful characters and intriguing twists made these stories a really enjoyable read and one I would really recommend.

Laura Graham (Sinalunga, Italy)
Spanish Eye is a collection of short stories set in the heat and the dust of Spain. Our courageous private eye, Leon Cazador, half-English, half-Spanish, and sometimes disguised as Carlos Ortiz Santos, guides us through the action. These stories are humorous, insightful and sometimes tragic. Leon Cazador is not afraid to bring the bad men to justice, and so help to restore the balance in this world. Beautifully written, with a simple and uncluttered style, which draws you in to the heart of the story. Highly recommended!
George R. Johnson (Eden, NC, USA)
This book comprise some of the cases of Leon Cazador, a half-Spanish, half-English private eye working in Spain. The tales run the gamut of the usual crime stories (con men, kidnappings, car theft ring, crooked politicians) and the odd stuff (smuggling, both exotic animals and illegal aliens, terrorists). All fun stories, a bit of humour here and there, others deadly serious. One story had me grinning at the beginning, but sobering quickly as the end approached. Worth a look if you like private eyes. Or if you don't. Leon Cazador is not your typical P.I.

My thanks to all reviewers; your efforts are greatly appreciated!
Purchase the e-book from here
Purchase the e-book from here

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