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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pen and Plot Magazine

There's a relatively new online magazine well worth reading (first issue September 2013). It's called Pen and Plot. It can be found here.

The current issue of Pen and Plot is out now and includes articles, short stories, and tips for everyone.

As the editor, Rosean Mile says, 'With Valentine's Day around the corner, we're reminded to celebrate and reflect on the deep feelings we have for our loved ones. In A.J. Kirby's compelling short story, "Ashes to Ashes," a couple faces loss, and in the midst of their grief find the staying power of love.  A love for stories is what binds Pen and Plot. Nancy Wood shares her love for storytelling in her article, "How Books We Love Inspire Us to Write." Nik Morton reminds us, in his piece "About Writing," to stay positive and creative!'

Rosean is the author of The Scales of Six, an excellent unclassifiable thriller that has garnered 14 good reviews on

Blurb: When personal crises force Fran Wheeler to re-boot her life in Manhattan, she and her irrepressible sister Gail endeavour to make a fortune selling a miraculous beauty shampoo concocted from a rare Indonesian plant that can transform all hair types into gorgeous locks. But dreams of impending wealth are quelled by the shocking revelation of the shampoo’s horrifying side effects. Against a backdrop of career and money problems, shady competitors, legal challenges and romance, Fran, Gail and an exotic Indonesian scientist must race against biological, corporate and media forces to save Fran’s boss, and a legion of young women whose quest for beauty is transforming them in ways they never imagined. Testing human greed against forces of nature, The Scales of Six blends suspense, intrigue, and surreal circumstance to weave a new story about an old myth coming to life in the contemporary world.

The Scales of Six is an intriguing story that centres on greed and the force of nature. Author Rosean Mile successfully incorporates the elements of financial struggle, business competition, vanity and romance in her novel. Together with an old myth that surrounds the Sumatran plant, all these elements come together to produce an interesting story that should excite the readers. I particularly like the development of the plot with its exciting build up of suspense and the mixing of the traditional and contemporary world. Exotic Indonesia is absolutely the right setting for the traditional and the surreal while the corporate world of America provides a real and ruthless world of contemporary business... The Scales of Six is surely a relevant read. - Readers’ Favorite, Maria Beltran

What a fabulous little gem. If you are looking for something original and delectable, please don't hesitate to give yourself this wonderful and surprising treat of a novel! - Jill Dearman, author of Bang the Keys

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