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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Genre labelling

Today is our 40th wedding anniversary. Ruby. A quiet day, with daughter Hannah, grandson Darius and granddaughter Suri, and a meal on the balcony (well, on plates, on a table, on the balcony, really); the weather was kind, even sunny. So, that’s my excuse for not writing a blog entry today.
Currently, crime- and thriller-writer Catriona King is featuring me as her blog guest. I muse about the subject of ‘genre labelling’. You might find it of interest and it can be read here

Thank you, Catriona for inviting me!

Catriona is proving to be a prolific and popular author and I’d recommend reading her work. She is a doctor and a member of the Crime Writers' Association. She was raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and moved to central London to live and work as a Doctor, where she trained as a police Forensic Medical examiner. She worked closely with the Metropolitan Police on many occasions, and encountered many fascinating people and situations, in both Belfast and London. In recent years, she has returned to live and work in Belfast, basing her D.C.I. Craig crime novels in the streets of modern Belfast and Northern Ireland, and locating the fictitious crime headquarters of 'Docklands Coordinated Crime Unit' in one of Belfast's most colourful and oldest districts, Sailortown.
Catriona has written since childhood, fiction, fact and reporting. A Limited Justice is her first novel, released in 2012 by Crooked Cat Publishing. It follows Detective Chief Inspector Marc Craig and his team, in the hunt for the killer of three people. A second novel in the D.C.I. Craig series The Grass Tattoo was released in the same year to rave reviews, and the third in the series The Visitor was released in March 2013 with a fourth book The Waiting Room published in May 2013. The fifth book in the D.C.I. Craig Series The Broken Shore was published at the end of 2013. Catriona’s sixth novel, The Carbon Trail, is a standalone thriller set in New York City.

And for the rest of today only you can actually purchase all 5 DCI Craig e-books for bargain prices.




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