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Monday, 26 September 2016

'It's one of those most wicked of things...'

A big thank you to Jack Owen across the Pond, writing an Amazon review of Catalyst:

A nice nostalgic drop of mayhem, sex and fashion with an avenging poster-child for haute couture fighting murderous conglomerates. It is a welcome escape from insoluble world affairs.

Nik Morton's fashionably correct antagonist 'Cat' (Catherine Vibrissae) is the smartest avenger since Emma Peel was teamed with John Steed.

I enjoyed dipping into Morton's smorgasbord of tidbits which reintroduced me to southern England, Wales, Spain and a splash in the Med. All the while following the scent of blackguards tormenting caged furry pets; then sadistic scientists using refugees to test-drive a sex cocktail which would shame Viagra's prowess.

Not sure if my Granny would approve, but its a great read for frequent flyers stuck at airport terminal, bathers at the beach or coffee shop habituates. It might also rock the chairs of 'Enquiring Minds' readers of a certain vintage.

I should caution you it's one of those most wicked of things – a series.

And this is just Cat's first recorded adventure.

Catalyst - obtained at these Amazon sites worldwide.

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